About Semanda.com

Semanda.com is a website for learning basic Mandarin Chinese vocabulary using illustrated flashcards. Online flashcards and multiple choice quizzes in several subjects are available, as well as printable PDF flash cards.

Semanda.com was created by Marianne Wartoft. You can email me feedback or suggestions at marianne [at] wartoft.nu.

Some definitions

Latin transliteration of Chinese.

Chinese characters. On semanda.com, the simplified version of Chinese is used.

Links for learning Chinese

Chinesepod - a podcast for learning Mandarin
Mandarintools - an online Chinese-English dictionary
Online flashcards for the top 1000 simplified Chinese characters
Learn Chinese in China. The Hutong School provides intensive Chinese language courses and Internship placements in China. Accommodation and cultural activities are part of its programs.

More language links

icanspeakhebrew.com - Online Hebrew tutorial

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