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Printable PDF Flashcards (English + Pinyin -> Chinese)
Printable PDF Flashcards (English -> Chinese + Pinyin)

apple   píng guǒ   苹果 apple / píng guǒ / 苹果
banana   xiāng jiāo   香蕉 banana / xiāng jiāo / 香蕉
fruit   shuǐ guǒ   水果 fruit / shuǐ guǒ / 水果
grapes   pú táo   葡萄 grapes / pú táo / 葡萄
lemon   níng méng   柠檬 lemon / níng méng / 柠檬
melon   guā   melon / guā / 瓜
orange   chéng zi   橙子 orange / chéng zi / 橙子
peach   táo zi   桃子 peach / táo zi / 桃子
pear   lí zǐ   梨子 pear / lí zǐ / 梨子
pineapple   bō luó   菠萝 pineapple / bō luó / 菠萝
strawberry   cǎo méi   草莓 strawberry / cǎo méi / 草莓

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