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Printable PDF Flashcards (English + Pinyin -> Chinese)
Printable PDF Flashcards (English -> Chinese + Pinyin)

carrot   hú luó bo   胡萝卜 carrot / hú luó bo / 胡萝卜
Chinese cabbage   bái cài   白菜 Chinese cabbage / bái cài / 白菜
cucumber   huáng guā   黄瓜 cucumber / huáng guā / 黄瓜
lettuce   shēng cài   生菜 lettuce / shēng cài / 生菜
onion   yáng cōng   洋葱 onion / yáng cōng / 洋葱
potato   tǔ dòu   土豆 potato / tǔ dòu / 土豆
pumpkin   nán guā   南瓜 pumpkin / nán guā / 南瓜
tomato   fān qié   番茄 tomato / fān qié / 番茄
vegetables   shū cài   蔬菜 vegetables / shū cài / 蔬菜

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